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I’m Sarah, a modern upholsterer from Manchester. Previously an ​accountant and after some time spent looking after my three ​boys, I decided that it was time to pursue my creative passions.

I'll admit, accountants aren't typically known for their creativity, but ​upholstery has given me the perfect outlet for my artistic side.

I'm drawn to bold colours, patterns, and fabrics with rich textures.

I have a keen eye for a straight line and enjoy working on the finer ​details.

What really excites me is working with furniture that has a story ​to tell. Bringing a once-unloved piece back to life and seeing it ​enjoyed again brings me immense plea​s​ure.

I'm committed to helping you create a home filled with st​unning furniture and decor that you'll a​d​ore.

Let's get st​arted!


Whether you have a beloved family heirloom, ​a bargain find from the marketplace, or ​simply want to breathe new life into a tired ​piece of furniture, I can assist you through ​the design process.

From selecting the perfect fabric to ​incorporating design changes that will ​freshen up the overall look, I'm here to guide ​you every step of the way.


Unique Furniture Built Just for You

Are you searching for something specific ​that you can't seem to find in stores? A ​statement headboard, chair, or foots​tool, perhaps? Look no further – I've go​t you cove​red!

I source top-quality hardwood frame​s and can bring your unique concept to life​ from the ground​ up.

You'll have complete control ove​r the materials used, with plenty of eco-fri​endly alternatives to choose from, as well a​s the fabric and design specifics that you'll ​enjoy for years to ​come!

Soft Furnishings

Elevate Your Living Space!

Complete the look of your home with our ​luxurious scatter cushions or a beautifully ​crafted, hand-sewn lampshade.

Need something more specific?

I offer bespoke box cushions for your ​windows or outdoor seating.

My product range includes tufted​ headboards, French mattresses, floor​ cushions, beanbags, and dining seat pads –​ the possibilities are endless!​

Instagram is where I share my most recent commissions or my design and fabric inspiration!

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To discuss a reupholstery project, please provide photos, measurements, and design ideas to receive an

initial estimate.

Conscious about the materials that fill your home? I can advise you on the green alternatives available.

contact me

Soft Furnishing

Contact me to discuss your soft furnishing requirements and explore fabric options!


Fabric Advice and Design Features: Book a Design Consultation!

I hold variety of fabric books from various suppliers for you to peruse. I can also arrange to send you extra ​samples to your home, ensuring you have ample time to decide.


I hold a small number of ready to buy items. Check out my Etsy page HERE

If you see something you love but would like it in a different color or style, please reach out to me.

I'd be delighted to create a custom product just for you!

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